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New and Rebuilt Boards
We can also provide new circuit boards, as well as, rebuilt PCBs.
Please contact us for pricing.

If you are looking for a particular board or a machine type that is not listed, please contact us at [email protected] or call 732-270-9890.




S-Driver Card   X / Y Driver Card
Part #: CX5602070000   Part #: CX5603040000
Part Name: S-Driver Card   Part Name: X / Y Driver Card
Machine Type: TMFX   Machine Type: TMFX / TMEX
X-Power Supply    
Part #: CX5601040000   Part #: MX5101A40000
Part Name: X-Power Supply   Part Name: X-CPU Card
Machine Type: TMFX / TMEX   Machine Type: TMFX / TMEX
Part #: MX5101A10000   Part #: EC6102050000
Part Name: CPU   Part Name: X / Y Driver
Machine Type: TMFX   Machine Type: TMEX
Part #:CX5609040000    
Part Name: Driver Card    
Machine Type: TMFX / TMEX    
TME-DC / TMFD - Series
IMM / IMM2    
Part #: ED5601000000   Part #: ED5101010000
ED5601010000   ED5101020000
Part Name: IMM / IMM2   Part Name: IDM / IDM2
Machine Type: TME-DC   Machine Type: TME-DC
Part #: EH5404090000   Part #: ED5602A000000
Part Name: DU-10   Part Name: D Joint 11
Machine Type: D-Series   Machine Type: TME-DC
Part #: ED5101000000    
Part Name: IDM    
Machine Type: TME-DC    



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